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Knowle West Wildflower Project

Pictures supplied by Chris Boddington unless specified. Main image a Painted Lady butterfly at Inns Court Garden.

A vision to fill Knowle West with wild flowers and attract more insects to the area has taken root – with free seeds being offered to residents and help with preparing flowerbeds if needed.

The Knowle West Wildflower Project has been started by gardener and volunteer co-ordinator Chris Boddington – who has been growing fruit and vegetables in the garden at Inns Court Community and Family Centre (ICCFC).

Gardener Chris Boddington (left) with volunteer Kashif at Inns Court Garden.

He is hoping as well as providing a backdrop of colour around the area, the initiative will bring more bees, butterflies and beetles as well as birds to local gardens and allotments.

Chris who is director of Knowle West Edible Gardens C.I.C. explains: “…we need more beneficial insects as they’re the best form of pest control. While sowng wildflowers in our own garden is a start, it’s much better if we can have them growing all over the area, so the insects only have short distances to travel from one food source to another.

“This should benefit all local growers – plus the flowers themselves and many of the insects they attract – particularly butterflies look pretty and will brighten the place up…”

Local resident Jasmine is taking part in the project in order to grow wildflowers at Springfield Community Allotment on Andover Road, where she is the administrator – and also in her own back garden nearby.

She has been hard at work getting flowerbeds ready for the seeds and says: “I asked to get involved with the project to encourage the insects and wildlife.”

  Jasmine with her daughter Ilya (five) preparing wildflower beds at Springfield Community Allotment.

To get free seeds and help preparing your flowerbed in your garden or window box call or text 0790 596 1876, or email

People can also drop into Inns Court Garden behind ICCFC in Marshall Walk on Wednesdays after April 5 between 10am and 1pm. The seed offer ends on May 31.

Picture (left): Wildflowers last year at Inns Court Garden.

Wildflowers outside Filwood Community Centre. Picture Sue Mackinnon.