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Knowle West director is Bristol Ambassador

The director of a local digital arts charity has just been appointed as one of the first  International Ambassadors for Bristol.

Carolyn Hassan of Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) was given the role – along with local artist, DJ Bungy, and boxing legend, Chris Sanigar – at the annual address of Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees at Wills Memorial Building in October.

Mr Rees said: “These are people who already travel the world in their line of work. As official Bristol Ambassadors, we will add to their ability to present our city to different international audiences.”

Carolyn started KWMC over 20 years ago and the organisation now has a second site, The Factory,  at Filwood Green Business Park – making digitally manufactured products and furniture – and offering training opportunities for local people.

She says: “I’m pleased to have been asked to be an International Ambassador for Bristol and proud to represent the city through our work at KWMC.

“I believe it is a recognition of the efforts of many people and organisations in Knowle West and our commitment demonstrated through our collective efforts to establish a new Knowle West Alliance supporting positive change in the community.

“KWMC is locally focused working with people in Knowle West on many different projects, but I believe it is important to share our experiences across the city and with other countries because I believe that through sharing experiences and learning, we build better understanding of how we can create the neighbourhoods and environments we all want to live in…”