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Knowle West business produces shields to protect pharmacy staff

A Knowle West business has gifted a set of 3 D printed face shields for a Bedminster Pharmacy – after hearing staff didn’t have adequate personal protective equipment.

KWMC: The Factory – which is part of digital arts charity Knowle West Media Centre – produced the shields after reading on Twitter about concerns about pharmacy staff morale because of lack of protection.

The business made the face shields at its digital design and fabrication site on Filwood Green Business Park – produced by Technician Chris Ingram

Superintendent Pharmacist Ade Williams called it “an amazing act of kindness from our South Bristol Community” and said each member of staff now had one of the shields.

He said it was an indication that a “community pharmacy was a treasured part of the NHS.’

He added: “Your community will look out for you because you have looked out for them.”

The Pharmacy is now working with the charity and other local 3D printers to get similar products made for other front line health care providers.