Community News

Knowle West Alliance to launch next year

By Lewis Campbell

An alliance of local people, organisations and businesses working together to make positive changes in the community is due to be launched early 2019.

Knowle West Alliance wants to be ‘a voice for the area, influence what happens and make sure the changes happen the way residents want them to.”

A new working group has now been formed to help the Alliance achieve its aims – made up of local people and representatives from larger organisations in the area.

The group is looking at how to help residents across the estate find out what’s going on, have their say and carry out their own projects – well as connect with others, and get involved in larger projects and changes in the area.

Chief Executive of Knowle West Healthy Living Centre, Heather Williams (KWHLC) said: “One of the key things about connections is making residents feel more confident to be able to tell someone else to get involved in this – or there’s an opportunity get involved in not just in one place but what’s going on in every organisation.

“It’s about how we give a voice to residents to say that you are a key commodity as to how we expand this Alliance.”

Minister at The Cairn, Phil Lawrence said: “We’re pulling together the organisations in the community to look at a fresh approach to community working…

“It’s early days but because it’s at a foundational stage, there is an openness for it to evolve at its own pace…”

The group is looking to run fun events, workshops and small get-togethers rather than formal meetings. It has already raised funds to recruit a new Community Development Worker to work with residents. (See article on Emily Smith).