Kickstart opportunities for 16-24s

Are you aged 16-24 looking for a job? Three exciting Kickstart roles are available for young people aged 16 – 24.

This is a great opportunity, you do not need any previous experience you will learn on the job

Admin Assistant – Eight Creative Agency

Project Assistant – Come Together

Project Design and Engagement Assistant – We Can Make

If you have any questions get in contact by calling Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) on 0117 9030 444 or email:

Admin Assistant for Eight Creative Agency: hello@eight.org.uk

Project Assistant for the Come Together project: martha.king@kwmc.org.ukDesign

Engagement Assistant for We Can Make: dot@kwmc.org.uk

Don’t delay in applying – follow the link: https://kwmc.org.uk/kickstart-spring21/

Application deadline: 9am on Monday 10 May 2021