It Was 80 Years Ago Today…

Now in it’s 80th year of existence, Filwood Community Centre has seen many generations pass through its doors. To celebrate this monumental achievement, the staff decided to put on a party, inviting residents to join in the celebrations. 

The evening was well attended by many, both young and old. For some, it was their first time through the big red doors, for others it was a trip down memory lane, recalling past activities, groups and moments that they had experienced and been a part of. 

Entertainment was provided by the centre’s newest residents, Street Envy Dance Crew. They put on a dance spectacle that left spectators thoroughly impressed. The Street Envy Dance classes are held on Saturday mornings in Filwood’s new dance studio, for three different age groups (see here for more details).

Elsewhere in the centre, an art exhibition was on display showcasing old film footage of Knowle west TV, a channel that was broadcast between 1973-1975. Photo opportunities were available at the photo booth, reconstructing the Knowle West TV studio.

The gentlemen from Man Alive have a try at presenting

Reflecting on the evening’s celebration, Filwood’s member of staff Paul Butt said “Tonight’s event is probably one of the best attended events we’ve hosted in a long time, it was fantastic!”

A local resident in attendance added” Its great to see Filwood Community Centre beginning to blossom. This party has been a lot of fun. It’s been nice to see residents spend time here tonight. Hopefully this party will be the jump start that the community centre has needed.”

 Spend a little time up at Filwood Community Centre and you will notice that there is an exciting new buzz around the building. From the great inclusive cafe that serves regular, vegetarian and vegan dishes to the new classes and groups that are popping up. So be sure to call in to Filwood Community Centre and see what’s on.