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Is it a house? No it’s a TAM…


The TAM frame arrives.



Over the last couple of months a large wooden structure has been taking shape behind Filwood Community Centre…

Known as the TAM (Transportable Accommodation Module), the eco-friendly home is big enough to house a couple – and local people could stay in it.

The moveable building is fully plumbed and wired – with walls of straw bales, triple-glazed windows and a large wooden deck.

It’s been built as part of the We Can Make programme – exploring how communities can play a greater role in creating new homes and decide where and how they are built.

Led by Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), the programme has brought together local people, architects and artists as well as policy-makers, academics and housing industry professionals.

With the average UK house costing 7.6 times the average annual income. (Office of National Statistics 2017) – We Can Make has developed five affordable designs for homes, including the TAM.

These are to suit the many ‘micro sites’ in Knowle West –  in large gardens, spaces between houses and on the corners of streets – which would allow building work to be carried out by local contractors at cost.

Head of Arts at KWMC, Melissa Mean, said: “From our research and conversations with families in Knowle West we’ve seen the current, competitive, housing system doesn’t work for many people – they are struggling to find the kind of home they need at a price they can afford. However, there’s a keen interest in trying something new…”

The TAM has been created by Bristol-based architects White Design and local people have helped build it.

Residents have also worked with artist Charlotte Biszewski to create furnishings, using dyes from Springfield Allotment. The kitchen has been designed and made by local people, using digital fabrication tools at KWMC The Factory at Filwood Green Business Park.

The TAM opens its doors on Thursday 7 September with a housewarming party and BBQ. For a free ticket visit: There will also be tours of the house at Knowle West Fest on Saturday 9 September.

In September and October residents can try out living in this community-made house. To find out more contact Martha King at KWMC on 0117 903 0444.