How to…

Need to know how to join a Zoom session? Maybe you would like to know more about the Nextdoor app?

We have created this page so that you and others can have short ‘How To…’ tutorials.

The content here will vary in difficulty so we have labeled each content with a recommended user level.

Difficulty guide

This content will be added to as it goes and we hope to build a space for you to visit and learn something new!

Accessing local Coronavirus information

A short video on how to access local information for help, support and services available for COVID-19.

Introduction to features on your Android tablet.

This is a short series of videos showing some of the features and apps available to you on your Android tablet. We have used a Huawei MediaPad for this demonstration but the steps shown in these videos will generally apply to most Android tablets.

A guide to Microsoft Teams for parents

With much educational learning moving to an online format, it’s important to be able to understand and help your child with their homework and online learning. Microsoft Teams is now being used by many schools across the city either for online classrooms or homework.

These videos will give you a good understanding of MS Teams and how you can become more involved with your children’s online learning.