Help Increase Bristol’s tree canopy

By Jim Smith

This evergreen oak tree is growing near Eagle House on Newquay Road – if you removed it what a difference to our lives there would be.

As well as providing shade, trees absorb carbon-dioxide, clean up pollution and soak up excess water – thus reducing flooding. It is a fact that two large trees would provide enough oxygen for a family of four for year.

The Bristol Tree Forum, Bristol City Council, The Woodland Trust and Avon Wildlife Trust are working together to raise the present Bristol tree canopy from 18.6% to 30%. You can help in this project by sponsoring a tree as an individual or group.

The Bristol Tree Forum is currently accepting entries for Bristol Tree of the Year 2018.

To promote this campaign, you can do one or both of the following:

To support this project you could even become a Tree Champion!

Visit to find out more.