Have your say on continuing protection orders against public drinking

Main image: Redcatch Park which is one of the areas which currently has a Public Space Protection Order.

Bristol residents are being asked by the council if they want to continue to protect public spaces from anti-social behaviour.

There are a number of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) in wards across the city which will end on 19 October this year.

Bristol City Council has started a consultation this week which finishes on 21 August to find out if people want these extended for another three years – or to “let them lapse.”

The local areas covered by PSPOs include Filwood, Inns Court and the Redcatch Park locality up to Wells Road.

The orders are “intended to deal with a particular nuisance or problem that is detrimental to an area’s use” and to make sure it “can be enjoyed by all, safe from anti-social behaviour (ASB)”.

The PSPOs allow police officers and/or a designated council representative, to confiscate alcohol from people they believe are involved in causing ASB. 

Those who fail to obey the request could be given a fixed penalty, or further action could be taken contained within the 2014 ASB, Crime & Policing Act.

The council is seeking people’s views on their experiences of public drinking in a restricted area and if it has affected their enjoyment of the area. They also want to know if the problem has improved over the past three years.

Residents will be able to say if they want the orders to continue or not.

The online survey is available until 21 August at


If you have any questions email asb@bristol.gov.uk