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Have your say on Bristol supported bus services

Bristol City Council’s supported bus services are being assessed – and residents’ views are needed to form part of the consultation.

Local people are being asked to complete a survey to find out their opinions on Bristol bus services, how they feel they can be improved and what they think they should look like in the future.

The review comes as national funding continues to tighten with the possibility that more savings may need to be made.

Nicola Phillips from Sustainable transport at Bristol City Council said: “We remain vigilant that further savings may be required to the supported bus services budget, and if so, we will have to prioritise our spending in this area…

“We are asking residents to complete the consultation on supported bus services to ensure that their views are heard, and they can form part of the review.”

The review of supported bus services could result in cuts to your local services.

You can complete the survey via paper available on buses, at libraries and through the neighbourhood partnerships or online at