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Groups fight to keep paths open

Community groups fighting to stop the closure of two footpaths as part of the Torpoint and  Marksbury Road College developments  have now been told access will remain.

The Northern Slopes Initiative (NSI) and Marksbury Area Community Association wrote to Bristol City Council and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) expressing their concern.

They feared the closure of both footpaths between Kingswear Road and Lynton and Timsbury Roads for six months was “not a good solution for those going to  and from Bedminster, schools and other facilities.”

They suggested “alternative solutions” so that at least one of the paths could be kept open.

The Council has now said “access will be maintained” during work by construction company Kier.

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: “As part of Kier’s work to improve the link between Kingswear public open space and their housing development,  Kier has been granted permission to close the Kingswear to Lynton Road public right of way on the Northern Slopes for six months.

“However, this route will only be physically closed whilst the work to the path is being carried out, which is due to take place in February. Access will be maintained throughout this period as Kier is committed to keeping a pathway open at all times through the open space.

“Kier also plans to construct an alternative path to Torpoint Road in January, to ensure that the public do not have to take a long diversion during the closure.

“We are also in talks with HCA regarding temporarily reopening access through their old Marksbury Road College site.

“This would allow the public to utilise the new pedestrian/cycle path through Kingswear until HCA’s housing development works begin. However, should this not be possible, the public will still be able to walk safely through Kier’s site.”

Chair of NSI, Bob Franks said: “We hope that the proposals get carried out as promised.”