Knowle West Map

Green Map


The Knowle West Map has been developed as a visual guide to the cultural, social and environmental places within this community. Two local artists, Michael Smith and Joff Winterhart created the map during 2007. A number of local volunteers have been adding information over the years.

The map was used as part of the Active Travel project in 2009. In 2010 the map was a central part of the 4 B’shive Mapping Project. This project supported residents to share local knowledge and map parts of Knowle West using digital multi media. There were 3 European partner cities in this project and 16 Knowle Westers got to visit these other cities and share their mapping knowledge.

This is a living map and there is much more to come both in terms of features and content. For further information about the map or to find out about the mapping drop in classes at Knowle West Media Centre, every 2nd Wednesday, contact





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