Fruit Trees For The Future

‘Fruit Trees for the Future’ is a local initiative, part of the Knowle West ELM (Edible Landscapes Movement).

The long-term vision for this project is to use fruit trees to create edible green corridors through Knowle West that link to the larger green spaces, like the Northern Slopes. We believe that if people are proud of their community spaces and gardens there will be less anti social behavior, like fly tipping. See the map below to see where the fruit trees are planted already.

Belfast Walk is part of this story. It is an overgrown local green space situated behind some housing. The vision is that the land will become a community orchard; the first stage of the fruit trees life. It will be a quiet space for growing and learning about fruit.

Historically, we believe Bristol City Council designed the area during the war as a growing space for the tenants that surrounded it. Three years ago the land was cleared but it grew back quickly as there was no long-term plan for the space. As any local person knows brambles love Knowle West!!

As of Autumn 2011, a partnership formed between Buried Treasure and Bristol City Council Housing Department to realise this vision of a community orchard.

Neighborhood Partnership Liveability Funds paid for new gates to be installed. Community Payback cleared the space through January, and The Green Team removed the green waste and rubbish to be recycled ….and the story will continue and be shared here….

A Belfast Walk resident has been photographing the transformation of the space.

      New fence! Spot the new fence! 18/02/12 New fence! 18/02/12 After! The last of the rubbish to be removed End of day 7 clearing Day 7 of clearing During clearing Day 6; end of day Day 6; view from a Belfast Walk garden Day 6 of clearing Fences knocked down due to overgrown area Fences knocked down due to overgrown area Fences knocked down due to overgrown area Fences knocked down due to overgrown area Fences knocked down due to overgrown area Fences knocked down due to overgrown area Hard at work! Day 5; surprising how big it is when cleared! At the end of day 5 Mid clearance; view from 3 Belfast walk End of day 3 After 3 days of removal work After 3 days of clearing New gate in place, before clearing takes place New gate! The old "gate", bulging at the seems! Old "gate"! Before - overgrown brambles!  Before; brambles as high as the fenceBefore Belfast walk before - So much rubbish Before; brambles going sky high Here we are! Where is belfast walk?


This project has now grown to include lots of local partners: Tree of Life, Knowle West Media Centre, Neighborhood Partnership Liveability, Forest of Avon Trust.


View Fruit Trees For The Future in a larger map

Fruit Trees For The Future map was developed in association with artist Julie Myers as part of Whose Data? A series of artists residencies that explore new and innovative ways in which data can be visualised for the benefit of local people.