Edible Landscapes Movement

Edible Landscapes Movement (ELM) are food producers, gardeners and buyers based in Knowle West, South Bristol. ELM producers grow fruit and veg in urban spaces and unused local gardens and the produce is sold back to the community and local cafes through a veg box scheme. All the contents come straight from Knowle West.

To order a veg bag, call or text Andy on 07426 808823
or email andytreasure@hotmail.com.

Small bags are £2.50, large bags are £5.00.

The producers and buyers use mobile phones to create digital photo feeds to share their experiences locally. Check out the contents of this week’s veg bag….

[miniflickr user_id=”49694526@N04″ tags=”elm:album=veg|box” per_page=”21″ sort=”date-taken-dec”]elm:album=veg|box[/miniflickr]

Now the ELM digital photo feeds are going live across the city on http://bristolfoodpolicycouncil.org/ and www.bristolfoodnetwork.org

How do I get involved?
If you want to volunteer with ELM or find out more about the project, contact Misty Tunks at Knowle West Media Centre on 0117 9030444

These are some of our previous volunteers involved in ELM- click on them to see what they did….

David Wayne Jack Paul
Dan Fraser James Marcus
Andy Shaun Ian Nicky
See the story of how ELM came about…..

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