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Food Justice Week 20 – 27 June

Pupils attending cookery classes at Square Food Foundation (SFF) in Knowle West. Image courtesy of SFF.

People across Bristol are being invited to take part in a week of activities to look at how we can make sure everyone in the city has access to nutritious, affordable food.

Food Justice Week begins Monday 20 June in Bristol – and aims to raise awareness of the positive work going on around the city and begin conversations about tackling rising food inequality.

The week has been organised by Feeding Bristol, in partnership with the One City office and Bristol City Council.

It will kick off with the Food Justice Week event, which takes place at City Hall and online on 21 June, and will also see the launch of the One City Food Equality Strategy – which sets out Bristol’s commitment to creating a “fairer and more sustainable food system”.

The strategy was co-created through consulting more than 70 organisations, and engaging with those who have lived experience of food insecurity over the last 18 months.

Director of Feeding Bristol, Ped Asgarian, said: “Food Justice is about creating a food system that is fair for everyone. It is about recognising the systemic and institutional inequity that exists in how we grow, distribute, access and use food…”

Cabinet Member for Public Health and Communities, Councillor Ellie King, said: “…This is an opportunity for us to work together as a city to enable everyone to have access to nutritional food. Tackling food inequality requires collaboration between organisations and community groups throughout our city…”

Events will be held around the city during the week including at Windmill Hill City Farm on 23 June and Square Food Foundation at The Park in Knowle West on 24 June and All events will be about sharing, listening and learning – and will include food.

Further information about Food Justice Week can be found on Feeding Bristol’s website.