Flower shop “brings sunshine” to Jarmans

Flower and greengrocer shop

Business is blooming for a florist and greengrocer who has uprooted her premises to Jarmans shops after 26 years on Melvin Square.

Chris Feltham who runs The Flower Stall on Leinster Avenue – which also sells fresh fruit and vegetables – says the move has been good for trade.

She says: “It was sad to leave Melvin Square after so long but the post office was being developed. It is now nearer to where I live and I have a lot of new customers. People say I have brought a “ray of sunshine” to Jarmans with all the flowers.”

Customer, local resident Molly Gregory (82) said: “I’m glad it’s here because we’ve never had any fruit and veg shop near Novers. I used to go to Broadwalk on the bus but this is nice and local.”

And Pat Priddes (74) who also lives close by said: “It’s fantastic… since they opened I’m here all the time. I didn’t go when they were on Melvin because I can’t walk so well.”

The Flower Stall is based at  64 Leinster Avenue and open Monday to Saturday from 9am-5.30pm. For more information call 0117 953 0788.