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Fire at re:store damages shutters

Story and picture by Claudia Collins

Main image: re:work staff Suzy Miezavs, Nic Gill and CEO Vicky Beckwith outside the damaged re:store shop on Filwood Broadway.

Messages of support have been pouring in once again from the community after a fire at re:store on Filwood Broadway.  

On Saturday November19, donations in black bags that were left outside the re:store shop were set on fire, causing damage to the shutters and the windows of the building.  

The shop was previously closed for a year after there was a fire caused by a defective heater in the shop back in January 2021.  

The resilience and support for the organisation has bellowed far more than the smoke. The re:store staff team cleaned the damage on the Sunday and the shop – which sells low-cost furniture, DIY supplies, clothes and bric-a-brac – was back open for business on Monday! 

Re:work which manages the shop is a social enterprise and charity. The organisation supports young people by offering long term work experience. From age 12, young people can volunteer one day a week to learn about retail, give back to their community and gain useful skills. 

The shop is a hub for local people and hosts training, meetings and skill sharing – such as showing residents how to recaulk their doors to stop leaks. It also provides a Friday Welcoming Space and has been offering tea, toast and crafts from 2-4pm. 

In a statement the re:work staff team said: “Filwood/Knowle West is a wonderful area and is home to a lot of wonderful people, many of whom are wonderful children. I don’t know who set fire to the rubbish bags, but I don’t think they represent all “kids” and I doubt if they fully thought their actions through.” 

Staff say the incident has highlighted that leaving bags of unwanted belongings outside a charity shop when it is closed is not a donation – it is fly tipping and a fire risk. 

re:store is open Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 10am-4pm for donations.  

You can support the charity by shopping there, by donating your time, furniture, clothes, books and games etc or through cash donations: