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Filwood Illuminations light up Knowle West

Story by Community Reporter Charlie Watts

Pictures by Marcus Way

The Knowle West Lantern Parade shone a light on Filwood Broadway on Friday 1 November. 

The event was part of Filwood Fantastic Illuminations – based at the community centre and is all about brightening up Knowle West over the winter period. 

A Hollywood-style sign, which says ‘Filwood’ made by KWMC: The Factory, working with local residents, was also unveiled for the first time during the parade. 

The lantern parade was the first to take place in Knowle West since the iconic ones of the 1980s – and a live band as well as Jos Clark, the Lord Mayor of Bristol, helped lead it down the Broadway.   

The lanterns used for the parade were made by local people in workshops at the community centre.

These were run by arts association Arts Enlarge – which has been involved in lantern parades all over Bristol.       

Chavez Moulton, who is leading the Filwood Fantastic Illuminations project, said: “It went really well. There was a really good turnout – lots of parents and children.

“It was very busy for the night and the weather ended up working very well for us as well as there was no rain for the actual parade.”

The event was funded by Creative Civic Change which support communities to lead arts and creative projects that “realise their own visions for their areas.”