Exhibition on motherhood opens in Knowle West

crowdattalksmallMost people say it with cards and flowers – but Mother’s Day was celebrated in Knowle West with the launch of a multi media exhibition – created by mums from across the city.

‘Mother in the Mother’ – which opened at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) on Saturday – attracted over 65 people to its preview. The audience of mums were treated to afternoon tea and therapies and  also had the chance to see films and a discussion panel as well as take part in craft workshops.

The exhibition is showcasing the work of a two-year arts project on motherhood  and will be at KWMC for a month.

The project has collected stories from a range of mums talking about the realities of motherhood. These experiences have been transformed into sculpture, film and handmade books as well as craft.

The exhibition also shows photos of local families with four and five generations of maternal lineage – from three-month old babies to great-great-grandmothers of 87.

Arts practitioner Pippa Robinson who has led the project explains: “The show asks us to consider the role of mothers within society… It explores the strength of maternal bonds between the generations and the challenges these relationships may present.

“Women have participated in book and filmmaking workshops, public events and creative activities.  Mums have also been posting their stories on our website.

“They take in themes from absent mothers and mending broken relationships to post-natal depression and being a young mother. It’s been a real joy to hear so many amazing stories about the reality of motherhood.”

Workshop participant Chloe said: “It has taught me so much, I have discovered things about myself I hadn’t realised. I feel I understand and sympathise with my mother more. It’s also made me realise how much I love my children.”

The exhibition will run at KWMC until 14 April before moving to the new Brunel Building at Southmead Hospital on 8 May as part of the Fresh Arts programme.

For more information contact Pippa Robinson on 07917272501, email pippa.onestory@gmail.com or visit www.motherinthemother.co.uk