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Everybody Dance Now

Find out more about Everybody Dance Now on the Filwood Community Centre website:

Knowle West Bling Music Video

We are making a music video to the spectacular Knowle West Bling jingle based on the residents local mission. And we need you to join us to make the video a real ‘bling’ thing!

The video will show the community centre’s makeover – so come on and show us yours!

The theme is transformation, starting with something dull which turns into something bright and ‘blinging’, shown through each person’s before and after videos.

You can transform yourself, an object or space!

All you’ll need to do to get involved is film 2 short video clips explained below.

The first clip will be before shot.
(Maximum 10 seconds).

Think of an idea which shows something dull or boring. Here’s some ideas:
A craft project that needs something extra…
Lounging on the sofa…
Brushing your messy hair (which hasn’t seen a salon for months!)…
A garden needing some love…
Spin around to transform the scene to a totally ‘blinging’ after shot!
(Maximum 45 seconds).

Here’s an example:
Your craft project is covered in sparkles!
You go for a walk outside with a friend!
Your hair is suddenly styled and looking fabulous!
Your garden is full of lovely bright flowers!
After your transformation, you can also video yourself doing our BLING dance of 5 moves if you like!

Learn the Bling Dance

The dance moves can be done standing, sitting or however you like!

Knowle West Bling SONG – DJ Bunjy & KALA CHNG

5 Moves

Here are the 5 dance moves:

1) ‘Bling’
2) ‘Shake it off’
3) ‘Janet Jackson’
4) ‘Roll it’
5) ‘Make it rain’

Send us your videos

To take part you can submit your two videos using Dropbox Request here:

And for more information about Everybody Dance Now visit:

Deadline for submissions: 20th April 2021

The final video will be available at the end of May 2021!

Videos submitted may be used publicly. By sending your video you are consenting for us to use the footage online on multiple platforms managed by Filwood Fantastic, Creative Civic Change, Filwood Community Centre, Knowle West Media Centre, The Knowledge, Movema, Rise Youth Dance and Bristol Dance Futures. Please ensure you have permission to use the video and people /property featured in the video footage before submitting.

Top tips for filming


*Turn on the selfie option so you can see yourself.

*Film with camera on Landscape view/turned sideways.

*Take one breath before starting the movement and one breath after finishing the movement for clearer movement and easier editing.

* Have a think about Lighting – Daylight is best if possible – try not to stand in front of a window, we’ll only see the shadow!


*Don’t worry about making mistakes. Sometimes those are the best part. And if not, we have the magic of editing!

More Filming Tips

The important thing is to try something out and have fun with it. The more fun — the better!

Partnerships and Support

Rise Youth Dance,
Filwood Fantastic,
Knowle West Media Centre
Bristol Dance Futures
Knowle West Wishes

Creative Civic Change