Everybody Dance Now

Hello we’re Penny and Helen and we are resident dance specialists for Filwood Community Centre during 2021. Over the next few months we will be hosting some ‘dance happenings’ around the local area and online.

We hope to get the people of Knowle West moving and shaking, through some fun activities for everybody and every BODY, and you don’t need dance experience to get involved!

This dance residency has been awarded by Bristol Dance Future’s ‘Dance Connects’ programme that focuses on partnering local organisations with dance artists.
There are 4 Dance Connects partnerships across Bristol this year and TWO of them are in Knowle West. Get in!

Penny’s dance company Movema celebrates the diversity of our communities and Helen’s company Rise Youth Dance provides enriching opportunities for young people in Bristol, so we are very excited to share our dance experience with the local neighbourhood.

Our first ‘dance happening’ is a music video made to the spectacular Knowle West Bling jingle composed and performed by the Filwood Fantastic community.

We need you to join us to make the video a real ‘bling’ thing.
More info of how to get involved will be coming soon!

The dance from the video will also be part of the wonderful Knowle West Wishes project highlighting 5 ways to wellbeing through a trail of interactive stars.
Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘Move’ star and follow the instructions to dance along with us and watch the music video.