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    • I think the best chance of making the UK a low-carbon economy comes through community-owned green energy projects. According to a collection of civil groups that represent 12 million people, government support to create a low carbon economy should be greater. Local people need a stake in energy generation and to be given the chance to produce low-carbon, low-cost energy.

    • I’m looking forward to visiting the new cafe.

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    • Its a fantastic plan but the place could do with an advice service facility working for the rights of residence of the Knowle, raising people’s income and improving their health and well-being through generation of income i.e. helping them with claiming their rightfull benefits entitlement (not everyone is able to work) but deserve the quality of life, enabling them to access other services, employments, training via working with other organisations. I think the council should include the set up of an advice service or a centre in its objectives as well. I am happy to discuss this idae further and can be conatcted on my email address.

    • Sue Mackinnon

      Really enjoyed doing this as a fun way to draw people in. Spent ages deciding what kind of shoe I was but loved the idea. The other place I was a bit stuck was the garden as mine is full of flowers but also has some weeds – or is a bit overgrown where I’ve let it go wild for environmental purposes but I also have multi surfaces.

      Wanted also to go further on the profile and have the option to put that I recycled or bought local British and organic food.

    • Love it! A great improvement on all those stuffy questionnaires though I have the same problem as Ed living in a flat and I couldn’t really find the right kind of shoe – could have done with a Chelsea Boot option.

    • Took ages to decide what sort of shoe our house is, as it is home to two very different shoe collections!
      Other than that this was easy, but it seems to me like some options are missing – I wanted to be able to say that we use water butts, recycle everything possible including water, don’t use pesticides or eat food that’s dubious in terms of its production or flown etc etc., so it’s short and effective but might not give a balanced view as I think many small car users who are environmentally informed may try to balance out their footprint through other means in ways that might not be accounted for in this survey?
      I am also left wondering how the info will be used or if at some point any change in users profiles will be measured? – i.e. could it do with a contextualising para? (Unless there is one that I have missed by being distracted by lovely pictures of shoes!)
      If it is meant as initial way of getting very basic profile then it works very well.

    • leccysparkbug

      Fun to use 🙂

      Why can I comment in two places; on the b/w Flash animation and also on the KW website? More fun commenting on the website as I can see other peoples comments too!

    • Good way of finding out information! Great questionnaire!

    • I live in a flat – what do I put for the garden bit?

    • Sandra Manson

      I think this is a easy way of gathering data, it is a bit of fun rather than a intrusive questionnaire, so you dont mind answering

    • Mitchell rees

      😀 🙂 🙁 😛 :S

    • Mitchell rees

      😀 Knowle 😀 west 😀 is da best 😀 (L) 😛

    • Mitchell rees

      so i missed it 🙁

    • Mitchell rees

      i thought it was this week

    • Mitchell rees

      hi when is the next filwood funday

    • Patricia Bell

      I am working on 5 year plan with Bristol Drug Srategy Team to enhance and support people and carers around Daul Diagnosis. To start my objective is to find local commnity news letters, with the hope of using them to inform the local communitys.I would be very gratful if i could get a Name and contact number for your News letter.
      Many Thanks.

    • Great photos from nlarge

    • Makala Campbell

      Hi Claire, please give me (the Newsletter Editor) a call on 0117 353 2895. You have many options from submitting some text via email to paying for advertising space at a community rate. I am hoping there will be a section explaining this all fully on the website soon. Makala

    • Claire Chippett

      Please could you advise on how we could put an article in your newsletter advertising our outreach service that we run at Re-work on a Friday morning. We are a social enterprise offering valuable services to the community.

      Many thanks.

      Claire Chippett

    • No one heard of the 36 then?

      • Robert Johnson

        @Who: Well the 36 doesn’t go via Bedminster. Also, it takes an AGE to get into town on this bus, because of the fact that it goes via Brislington.