Systema Bristol

FB Banner 21537494_1431377110432675_1184775820_oThe Russian Martial Art of Systema provides a holistic approach to health and combat. Lessons provide practical exercises exploring the personal psychology of breathing, movement,relaxation and structure.

This approach can empower use of mind and body in daily life activities e.g navigating stairs or crowds, picking things up and dealing with emotional pressures
Still actively taught to Russian Special Forces, Systema also prepares mind and body for combat training. With no set forms or techniques Systema practice provides freedom of movement which is a key factor in proficient self defence practice.

In addition to providing group and private Systema classes, we :

  • Develop martial arts networks across Bristol and the South West.
  • Provide tailored private sessions for groups and individuals.
  • Run regular outdoor training sessions in Systema.
  • Co-ordinate and manage local community martial arts events.

For more information contact Karl on 07914 540 147 or visit