Filwood, Knowle & Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Partnership

What is a Neighbourhood Forum?

  The Neighbourhood Forum meets once each quarter and covers the ward that you live in and is the place to go if you have any concerns in the community you want to raise.  You may be concerned about crime or anti-social behaviour, a street full of litter, fly tipping close to your house, graffiti, or overgrown trees.  These are some of the things you may want to get off your chest and be listened to by the agencies that are committed to doing something about them.

 The Neighbourhood Forum is also there to inform you about what is happening in your community, giving you the chance to influence public consultations and decisions made by the Neighbourhood Partnership.

 If you belong to a group, ask whoever leads the group to pass on your issues so they can be raised at the Neighbourhood Forum Meeting.

 We might not know about your issues, so tell us (or tell the relevant agencies) so that we can help resolve them.  If you don’t get the response you were expecting or things take too long to get resolved, then let us know.

 ‘You Said – We Did’

 YOU decide at the Neighbourhood Forum meeting what issues get prioritised!

 WE report back to you what’s been done about them at the next meeting.

For further information contact:-

Anita Pearce  (0117) 908 4248   37, Filwood Broadway, Knowle West, Bristol BS4 1JL