Bramble Farm

We are a community group, made up of 6 families, all from different walks of life.

In 2008 the farm was created; we removed bikes, car parts, trolleys, and loads of brambles!! Thus the name Bramble Farm!

We made raised beds so that the bramble roots didn’t interfer with the crops.

We now have a variety of crops, depending on the time of year.  From asparagus to giant pumpkins, we hope to get in the Guinness book of records and get Bramble Farm on the map!

What Bramble Farm means to us…..

“It’s a way of life”

“A haven for us”

“It’s a safe place to let the kids to run about”

“It where all our food comes from’’’

“Hard work”

“Our own meat tastes better – I would never have believed it”

“I like being a farmer, ohhhh ahhhh!!”


This is the waste land, the start of Bramble Farm.
Our first openday many more to come.


Food that was all produced at Bramble Farm.


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Latest picture feed:
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