3E Houses


What is it?

3 E Houses is a European-funded project linking Bristol with Spain, Germany and Bulgaria which aims to help council tenants reduce their energy consumption by 20 per cent in a year.

Forty-three houses in Knowle West and 57 flats in central Bristol are taking part in the project until May 2013.

It is being run by Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) with partners Bristol City Council, Toshiba Research Europe Ltd (TREL) and IP Performance.

What does it involve?

Participants have been given the latest touch screen Toshiba tablet so they can see their electricity and gas usage online every hour through an exciting, visual website we have developed at the Media Centre.

They can also monitor up to five appliances such as a kettle, washing machine or television and track what they are spending.

Some tenants who were not online have been given free internet for a year so they can take part in the project.

KWMC’s Director, Carolyn Hassan explains: ““This project is part of Bristol’s pledge to get more people digitally engaged as well as a way of helping to tackle fuel poverty and help people to live more sustainably.”


Participants have come to workshops run by KWMC to show them how to use the tablets and website and to give them energy-saving tips. These have given them a chance to chat to others taking part in the project.

What participants say

“British Gas were going to put my electricity bill up by £6 a month… because I could prove I had used less they kept it the same and even put my gas bill down by £6 a month!” Kirstine

“I only fill my kettle up with as much as I need now, so I’m using less energy.” Joan

  “The main thing has been finding out how much electricity my sons use in their rooms, with the X box and laptop left on as well as the TV and stereo – and how much it costs. It has made them cut back and they don’t leave things on standby now.” Stephen

 “During the winter I used to put £25 a week in the electric – now I put £20 a week.” Lisa

For more information go to www.3ehouses.eu/ or call Sue at Knowle West Media Centre on 0117 903 0444 or email sue@kwmc.org.uk