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Diabetes support comes to Filwood Community Centre

A local diabetes support group which helped its founder put his condition into remission is branching out to offer help to others in the area and attract new members. 

 The Diabetes UK Bristol South group which meets at Knowle West Healthy Living Centre (KWHLC) has now started monthly drop-in support sessions at Filwood Community Centre.  

 Mike Deane who is also Chair of the group says: “We are trying to go deeper into the community so people can find out who we are, what we do and what support we offer.  We are open to people with diabetes and partners are welcome as well…”  

 Mike (75) has been running the South Bristol group at KWHLC for seven years – and managed to put his Type 2 Diabetes into remission by completely changing his lifestyle. He started to eat more healthily, took up walking and gave up smoking – and also lost five stone. 

Now he is eager to highlight the benefits of attending the group and attract new members.  

He says: “I have gained good insights into how to live with diabetes and also to help other people through sharing stories and education. Health care professionals often come to our meetings to talk about various aspects of diabetes, such as the latest research or diabetic eye screening…

“I have made good friends in the group and we all support each other to manage our diabetes as best we can. There’s nothing like sharing your tips and experiences when you live with a challenging condition…”

Diabetes UK Bristol South meets six Mondays a year at Knowle West Health Park from 6-8pm. The next meeting is  25 March from 6-8pm. The next drop-in at Filwood Community Centre is Thursday 7 May at the Food and Fitness event from 10am – 2pm.

For more information contact Mike on 0749 484 9739 or email  

Main picture: The Diabetes UK Bristol South group at Filwood Community Centre. Left to right Chair Mike Deane, Secretary Valerie Deane and Treasurer Sandra Tweddell.