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Delay to Oasis Academy Temple Quarter due to flooding concerns

The planned school from Silverthorne Lane.

Bristol’s secondary schools will have to take on extra pupils

Bristol secondary schools face having to find places for around 200 extra children next year – because a new academy will not be ready in time. 

Oasis Academy Temple Quarter was originally supposed to open in September 2018 – but only gained planning approval from the city council in August.

Parents were told in February that the construction of the new school on Silverthorne Lane, to the east of the centre, would not be finished until 2023 at the earliest.

The new eight-form entry school will be able to take 1,600 pupils aged 11-18.

Temporary accommodation was expected to be available from September 2021 – but Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees confirmed in his Facebook Live on Wednesday (September 23) this would not be able to happen in time.

Instead existing schools will be expected to take on the extra demand.

The academy has been delayed because of concerns about flooding raised by the Environment Agency – due to the site being next to the Feeder Canal.

This means the government will have to consider whether to intervene in the decision to grant planning consent.

A government “call in” would mean a public inquiry – with the results not known for at least six months.

Mr Rees said in his Facebook Live: “We have now received formal confirmation from the Department for Education that the Oasis Temple Quarter school will not be able to open in temporary accommodation in time for September (2021), in part because of the time frame and because of the questions raised by the call-in…

“The mitigations we are putting in place for those children is to expand classrooms in other schools, and there’s a lot of work being done on that now.”