Covid-19 grants for up to £500 for community projects in Knowle West

Knowle West residents and groups are being invited to apply by 10 May for grants for community projects to help improve the area during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The grants are being offered by Knowle West Alliance (KWA) and Filwood Fantastic – based at Filwood Community Centre – with up to £100, £250 or £500 available.

If you’re applying for a grant of up to £100 – projects must include one of the following:

• Making a safer place

• Making a friendlier place 

• Making a greener place

 • Making a cleaner place

• Making an active place 

For grants of up to £250 or £500, your project must be creative and include at least one of the following:

• Improving places and attitudes
• Bringing people together
• Making people feel proud of their community 

• Getting people involved in their community
• Creating new opportunities

All projects will also need to take into account government safety advice around the coronavirus.

Ideas could include ways of better connecting your community or helping to “put a smile on your neighbours’ faces” or around things you’ve noticed when out on your daily exercise.

Charlie Watts from Filwood Fantastic says: “Filwood Fantastic is absolutely thrilled to be able to work with Knowle West Alliance again to support creative community projects.

“We’re looking for projects that will make people smile and bring a bit of happiness to their day during this difficult time – and Knowle West Beaches is an example of one we’ve funded that is doing just that.”  

Artist Claudia Collins from the Knowle West Beaches project funded by Filwood Fantastic at one of the sites in Minehead Road.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a ‘small and friendly’ online grants event where they can present their idea for up to five minutes – either on their own or with other members of the project.

People who don’t have access to technology or find it difficult can be supported or present their project idea in a “safe alternative way”.

Grants can be paid through invoices, by supplying receipts or via bank transfer.

Alliance Community Development Worker Frances Coates says: “Alternatively we can order items for people if they provide links to the things they need…”

For more information, help or an application form, contact Knowle West Alliance’s Community Development Worker Frances Coates by emailing or call her on 07942 677131. Visit