Council votes to protect ‘green-lung’ spaces

By Friends of the Western Slopes

Council voted recently in favour of protecting our ‘green-lung’ spaces such as the Western Slopes, Brislington Meadows and green-belt around Ashton Vale and Yew Tree Farm and focusing new-build developments on brownfield sites. 

Bristol currently has over 12,000 planning permissions already given for new dwellings in the city that are still yet to build and it is estimated that another 30,000 additional dwellings can be added on brownfield sites. Councillors from the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Green Party, came together to vote to preserve Bristol’s heritage. 

Members from the Friends of the Western Slopes spoke at the council meeting and it also coincided with well-known TV conservationist, Chris Packham, speaking about the ecological importance of the Western Slopes on his social media channels. He too, urged the council to ‘Save Our Slopes’ and green spaces.

Our plight has now reached all corners of the city and many councillors now know about us. We are still waiting for more clarity about what this will mean for our slopes on Novers Hill and whether the council will indeed, protect us now. 

We are very proud of all we have achieved so far with our group and we welcome everyone to help join the fight and get the Western Slopes Novers Hill, protected once and for all. Let’s help it become the nature reserve it should have always been.