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Council tax rebate payments of £150 to be issued this month

Image courtesy of Bristol City Council

Bristol residents who are eligible will begin receiving a council tax rebate in the next few weeks – as part of the government’s initiative to help households with rising energy costs.

The scheme, announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak earlier this year, provides a one-off payment of £150 to most households living in homes in council tax bands A to D.

Bristol City Council has introduced a new system to ensure those eligible receive their payments – with the first phase scheduled for 16 May.

Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for City Economy, Finance and Performance, Councillor Craig Cheney, said: “We appreciate that schemes such as this are vital as energy prices soar and national insurance contributions and food prices increase. We are therefore grateful for everyone’s patience while we’ve worked hard to implement this new system. 

“At the same time we know that for far too many people, a one-off £150 rebate won’t go far enough, and much more needs to be done…

“If you need help, please reach out. There is advice, support and information available across the city. We’ve been working on how we can provide additional help and have put support in place to try and soften the impact of rising costs.

“We’ve prioritised support for low-income households through being one of only a handful of councils that offer a 100 per cent council tax reduction scheme and there is also the local crisis prevention fund. If you aren’t eligible for these schemes but are in financial difficulty and are worried about paying your council tax bill please get in touch with us. We will do all we can to support you.”

Beware of scams

Residents have also been warned about not falling foul to tax rebate telephone scams seen in other parts of the country. The council has confirmed it will not be telephoning people to ask for their bank details in relation to the rebate.

How will payments be made?

Most residents who pay their council tax by direct debit will receive the money directly into their bank account by Monday 16 May and will receive a letter confirming details of this payment.

An online form will be made available from Monday 23 May on the Bristol City Council website for non-direct debit payers to submit their bank details. There will be an option on the form for households to choose to have the £150 credited to their council tax account if they prefer. A service will also be made available to help those who are not able to access the online form.

If anyone who pays by direct debit has not received their payment by Monday 16 May, they should also complete this online form.

Bank details submitted on the form will only be used for the rebate and not future payments of council tax, unless the household requests this.

Additional help

Bristol has also been allocated a discretionary fund as part of the scheme to help residents considered to be most in need of support. This will support households living in Bristol in bands E to H who are in need or as well as those in bands A to D who are not eligible for the council tax rebate. Only one application can be made per household.

Residents will need to apply using an online application form and will be asked to provide evidence, including council tax account number, photo ID and proof of address, to support the information provided in the application.

Eligibility criteria will include that the person must be living within the Bristol City Council area as their main residence from Friday 1 April 2022 and they pay their energy costs directly to the energy supplier by bill or pre-payment meter, not as part of their rent.

Further information, including the full eligibility criteria and exclusions, will be provided on the Bristol City Council website as soon as possible – once the discretionary fund has been finalised.

If you don’t need a rebate

The council is also offering a scheme for those households who do not feel they need a rebate – and would like to donate all or part of it to help support those most in need in the city. To find out more, email It will not affect the provision of the rebate but will enable them to make a direct donation to local crisis funding.

More info and support

Full details about the council tax rebates are available on the Bristol City Council website. 

If you need financial support visit the Benefits and financial help page of the council’s website.