Council agrees not to relocate historic lampposts

Cast iron lamppost in Beckington Road. Picture Lewis Campbell.

Bristol City Council has agreed to stop moving historic lampposts to conservation areas across the city.

This follows an outcry in April when residents in Beckington Road, Knowle found their old iron lampposts were being taken for refurbishment and replaced by modern steel lighting.

The historic lampposts were then going to be reinstated in areas such as Clifton.

Residents were horrified at the idea of ‘asset stripping” from South Bristol to more affluent areas of the city.

But on 5 November the cabinet agreed in its street lighting replacement programme cast iron lampposts should be returned to where they came from.

Cabinet member for transport and energy, Cllr Kye Dudd said: “…We cancelled that policy because heritage shouldn’t just be for people that live in conservation areas – that live in Stoke Bishop, that live in Clifton – it should also be for people that live in Knowle.”

When cast iron lampposts can no longer be repaired they will be replaced with “a steel, galvanised modern lamppost with an embellishment”.