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Could you be a Wildlife Watch Leader?

All images courtesy of Avon Wildlife Trust.

Would you like to pass on your love of the natural world to the next generation and benefit your community?

Avon Wildlife Trust (AWT) is looking for people who enjoy working with children and would be able to spare a few hours a month to become volunteer Wildlife Watch leaders and assistants.

With lockdown getting more people out into their local green spaces – outdoor activities for youngsters have become increasingly popular.

Avon Wildlife Trust running a My Wild City session on the Northern Slopes (and below).

The new Wildlife Watch Leaders would be responsible for starting up nature clubs around the Bristol/Avon area for primary-aged children and their families – with help and support from AWT.

The role could include planning and creating club activities – ranging from bug hunting and den building to arts and crafts.

The volunteers would also be able to share ideas, experiences and resources with a network of other Wildlife Watch Leaders.

Avon Wildlife Trust’s Learning Development Officer, Alex Dommett, says: “I think the pandemic has made an impact on how we all engage with nature now, those daily exercise trips in our local green spaces last year were definitely lifelines.

“From watching the birds to being enthralled by the details of each season – the natural world was there to welcome and comfort us all. Now parents are eager to get their families outside and for their children to meet and play with other children, and perhaps we now feel safer attending events outdoors.

“Setting up a Wildlife Watch group is a brilliant way to stay connected to each other and to discover more about the amazing plants and animals we share our neighbourhoods with. Together we can take action for nature.”

To find out more about becoming a Wildlife Watch Officer email