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Cosmo is competing in Futsal World Cup

Cosmo Browne from Knowle West is celebrating being selected to represent Great Britain in the Futsal World Cup this autumn. 

The twelve-year-old is over the moon his hard work has paid off – and will be flying to Barcelona in October with the Under 13s squad.  

Futsal is a variation of football with two teams of five players. It is mainly played indoors on a hard court, with a smaller pitch – so players need to have close control and better technique on the ball. 

Cosmo trains at least ten hours a week, playing both futsal and football as well as practising on local courts. 

He told The Knowledge: “I feel so happy because I’ve worked so hard and done all that practice. 

“I enjoy futsal because I love the high tempo, I’m very energetic and I can use my energy better…The ball is heavier so it stays between your feet better, it’s a game for creativity and using your skills.” 

Cosmo only took up futsal at the age of ten – although he has been playing football since he was six and used to play for Whitchurch Sports Junior Football Club.  

He explains: “I was in the Football Development 1st Squad when I was seven, it’s a team which has more training and works on specific stuff and has a mixed age group. 

“Our coach then changed it to Bristol Futsal – and that’s when I got into the sport.” 

A year later the coach held trials for Great Britain – and Cosmo was selected and went to Italy for a tour in the first ever Under 12s British Futsal Team. 

He is the only player from Bristol to be in the Under 13s squad and also one of the youngest – with some members 18 months older. 

His father Kevin says: “I’m very proud of what he’s achieved because I know the amount of hard work that’s been put in.

“He is the one of the youngest in the Great Britain squad but playing with older kids who are faster and stronger is only going to help him in the future…”

Cosmo adds: :”Practice makes perfect, you’ve got to love it…My dad pushed me to be the best player I could be…

“In the future I’d like to be a professional footballer or futsaller – but as long as it’s athletic, it’s all good.”

The team is now looking for sponsorship for the 12 players to cover costs of the trip. 


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