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Cookery book launch at KnowleDGE

cookbook2JPGA cookery book was launched at KnowleDGE today– with recipes supplied by pupils, parents and staff.And the school marked the occasion with a large cake – which was a copy of the front cover illustration.

Hospitality and Catering Tutors Maxine Golbourne and Jayne Townsend have been leading the project – which has taken a year to complete.

Maxine explains: “It was a suggestion from one of the teachers and we saw it as a good project and something all the pupils could be involved in it. It covered art, conversions in maths and english…

“We’ve fundraised by pop up cafes selling preserves and biscuits, tasters in the school café and a soup café to local organisations…”

There have also been Curry and Moroccan nights at the school’s on-site Café Kenya to raise enough cash to print the book.

Some of the entries feature the stories behind the recipes as well as favourite family recipes and some of the most popular dishes sold at Café Kenya.

Maxine adds: “There is also information about healthy eating and although not all the recipes are healthy – I’ve given suggestions to adapt them to make them healthier.”

Rebekah King (14) from Year 9 won the competition to design the front cover of the book and also helped decorate the cake with Green Class.

She said: “I really like drawing and I made the border from things like plates and cups, and food – with an oven in the centre.”

The book is available for sale from KnowleDGE in Leinster Avenue with all money raised going towards school funds.