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Community rallies to plant bulbs threatened by cuts



Despite the rain the community turned out in force to spruce up Melvin Square this week – by planting dozens of daffodil bulbs.

Following Bristol City Council cuts – it looked as though the bulb planting wouldn’t happen – so local residents rallied round to ensure the square had its blooms.

Fourteen pupils from Oasis Academy Connaught primary school along with their parents came to help tidy up the area and plant the bulbs around the trees. They were joined by others from local community organisations.

The event was organised by Filwood Tree Champion and environmentalist Jim Smith – with bulbs donated by community gardener Steve Griffiths. Mr Griffiths, along with local charity re:work, also lent some tools to the working party.

Mr Smith explained: “The reason we have done is was because there were going to be no bulbs on the square.  I put in a bid for £200 worth of bulbs and because of the cuts they said there was no money for them.

“I suggested to the Environmental Group of the Neighbourhood Partnership who had £300 for Clean and Green – but with the funding freeze in November any spending would be frozen.

“I spoke to Steve Griffiths who said he had bulbs we could have. I contacted Oasis Academy ad they said they would allow a certain amount of parents to take their children out of school to do this…”

Mum Kelly Reed was one of the group who brought son Kobi (eight) out of the school for just under an hour.

She said “It makes it look tidier when people drive past and the kids can be proud they have done something.”

Steve Griffiths who works at Let’s Grow Community Allotments said: “It was a couple of hundred bulbs I had left over – I was happy to help out. Jim organised everything… You look after your area and then everyone else will hopefully do as well. They will come out next year because it’s late in the season.”