Charity delivers fresh food boxes to families – and encourages them to grow their own

Seedlings which were potted up and given to local families to plant.

With the government urging people to eat healthily in the face of a possible second coronavirus wave – a local charity has been delivering food boxes to struggling families.

During lockdown, Home-Start Bristol (HSB) staff and volunteers delivered fresh food and plant boxes to families across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

They are now hoping to continue with this healthy eating initiative into the future.  

HSB sourced a £1,000 grant from the John Lewis Covid-19 crisis fund to support families living in food poverty. 

Early Intervention Worker, Marie Wathen, made links with Trent’s Food and Beverage Hall, a farm shop near Frampton Cotterell which agreed to supply fresh food boxes.

HSB Early Intervention Worker Marie Wathen with the food delivered to support local families.

These were then delivered by the charity to needy families, alongside store cupboard staples from a food bank.

Families were also given potted seedlings to grow in their own homes – which HSB Coordinator Ina Hume had nurtured on her allotment – ranging from tomatoes and courgettes to peppers and sunflowers.

The fresh food boxes and home-grown fruit and vegetables made it possible for families to cook nutritious healthy meals.

Home-Start Trustee Sarah Birch said: “…Like Mary in the nursery rhyme, parents, carers and children alike enjoyed watching their seedlings grow, picking, preparing and enjoying their own produce. 

“This proved to be a great and productive project to share during the long days of lockdown and one which contributed to the wellbeing of the whole family.”

Mum Augustine from Knowle, said the the fresh food delivery had been “really helpful” for her family.

She said: “… It was amazing – really helped us adapt to eating better meals during lockdown – as opposed to the easy cheap low, quality meals we’d started eating because we thought lockdown would be a short thing…”  

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