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Carers Week 2021

Looking after someone? You have the right to a Carers Assessment

Images courtesy of Carers Support Centre.

Carers Week runs from 7 – 13 June and is an annual campaign to recognise the vital contribution of carers and help them get the support they need to look after a loved one. 

This year’s theme is about making carers valued – with even more people providing unpaid crucial care to loved ones at home since the COVID-19 outbreak.

To mark the week, local charity Carers Support Centre is urging everyone who looks after someone to get a Carers Assessment.

The Assessment is a chance for people to talk openly about the impact caring has on their life. It gives them space to think about how caring affects their physical and mental wellbeing and how this may change in the future.  

The charity says this is the first step towards making sure people get the practical, financial and emotional support they need as a carer.

Chief Executive of Carers Support Centre, Tim Poole, says: “We want to encourage people to get a Carers Assessment as soon as possible. This can help you find a way to balance your caring role and plan for the future.

“Don’t wait for a crisis to seek help. Carers assessments are one of the few rights carers have, so it’s important you make the most of yours.”

Local carer Sam says:  “Recently, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, struggling with the pressure of day-to-day life and caring for my mother. To have someone as helpful and understanding to help me complete the assessment form – and then also look for other support for me – was amazing.”

The charity says carers take on huge responsibilities – and estimates they have saved the country over £135 billion throughout the pandemic. 

Carers Support Centre also cites that three out of five of us will care for someone in our lifetime. 

If you have caring responsibilities – or you know someone else who does – you can get in touch with them by calling CarersLine on 0117 965 2200 or emailing 
For more information visit: