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Campaign for better opportunities in South Bristol

An e-petition to the council is asking for better opportunities for South Bristol – including jobs and facilities – not just housing.

The campaign is being run by members of the South Bristol Stakeholders group which consists of people who live and work in the area coming together to improve it. They want “more and better employment opportunities, more facilities and greater transport infrastructure.”

The e-petition was submitted in January and the deadline for signatures is the end of March 2019.

It states: “We the undersigned want the council to provide more than just housing in South Bristol. Planned housing is set to increase the population of South Bristol by 33%. How are our schools and services going to cope and where are people going to work?

“The Bristol Plan talks about the need for more job opportunities, facilities and transport in South Bristol. Much has been said about improving opportunities for people in South Bristol but what is actually being done?

“Poverty is still a major issue and all the evidence points to those trends continuing whilst people’s job opportunities are so limited. Where is the purpose and a hope for people in South Bristol?…”

Zoe Probert who started the petition told The Knowledge: “This is not about confrontation. This is about trying to get that South Bristol voice heard.

“Major decisions are being made and we as a South Bristol community want to make sure any strategies and plans drawn up show clear opportunities and hope for our future. Not all of us live in poverty but some do, some of us have jobs but many don’t and our services are stretched. We love our city.”

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: “The petition has been submitted to our online portal. The lead petitioner can present the petition at a meeting of the Full Council. If the petition has received a sufficient number of signatures it can be debated by councillors.”

The petition can be found at and is available to sign until 31 March 2019.