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Beach project making waves in Knowle West

All images Claudia Collins

Artist Claudia Collins relaxing at the beach by her artwork with souvenirs she collected from Minehead.

A local artist has been making waves in Knowle West – by bringing the seaside to the community with a sandcastle trail.

Although the area is 16 miles from the nearest beach – resident Claudia Collins (34) decided to recreate the seaside in local streets during lockdown.

Roads on the estate have been named after many places in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Ireland. 

And the coastal town themed streets such as Newquay, Instow and Padstow Roads, were the inspiration for the Knowle West Beaches project. 

Claudia, who moved to one of the seaside named roads two years ago, says she has “been in love with the beach concept ever since”.

She has built sandcastles by the signs with flags and written chalk messages – so families can “sandcastle spot” when out for their daily exercise. And she has been out maintaining the artworks every day.

Claudia says she is trying to create “a playful sense of holiday at home” as well as to make the connections. Local families have been very enthusiastic about the artworks.

Ben Ravenscroft who stopped for a rest with son Jackson and daughter Phoebe said: ” Great project, thanks for helping add smiles in these unprecedented times.”

Oliver and Evie stop to check out the beach at Teignmouth Road.

Following a virtual project night with Knowle West Media Centre, she has also created postcards featuring some of the roads which residents can send to “keep in contact with loved ones”. 

These were funded by Filwood Fantastic, based at Filwood Community Centre and are available to pick up from local shops when people go out for essentials.

Claudia will also drop them off to those who are shielding during her daily walk.

The free postcards can be picked up from stores at Jarman’s and Melvin Square as well as the General Store and re:work on Filwood Broadway.

For more information or if you want postcards delivered visit Facebook: Knowle West Beaches or email Claudia at