Anti Hate Campaign launched in Knowle West


Avon and Somerset police were out in Knowle West today stencilling pavements across the area – to launch the “Hate has no Home Here” campaign for South Bristol.

To mark the UN Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Tuesday 21 March, officers stencilled the campaign hashtag #NoHomeForHate in washable chalks outside local venues.

The campaign’s aim is to “to raise awareness, promote tolerance, shame hate and celebrate diversity” within the communities of South Bristol – where hate crimes have risen in the past two years.

It also hopes to provide victims and bystanders with the confidence to spot and report a hate crime.

Communications Officer for Avon and Somerset Police Stephanie Dawkins said: “The aim of this campaign will be to build on the pride of the residents of these communities and ask them to be proud that ‘we have more in common that meets the eye’.

“Today we are saying Knowle West is a community and we don’t want hate crime where we live…”

One of the campaign slogans was stencilled outside Knowle West Health Association (KWHA) on Filwood Broadway.

KWHA Chair Carol Casey said: “We are happy to support anything around fighting hate crime – it’s uniting the community…”

Pensioner Roy Winterstone (81) who attends a cookery course at KWHA said: “It’s a friendly community, I agree there should be no hate in Knowle West.”

The campaign is also being supported by Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees – who was invited to launch the Knowle West Against Racism campaign at Knowle West Fest last August.

Anyone who is a victim of or who would like to report a hate crime can contact Avon and Somerset Police by calling 101.