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Another boxing champion in the family

Former UK boxing champions twins Michael Davis left, and Brian Davis with Mickey Parsons (centre) Brian's grandson representing the Community Police Clubs of Great Britain.

Two former Knowle West boxing champions have now seen a third member of their family rise the ranks to compete on a national level.

Twins Brian and Michael Davis (68) grew up in Cossington Road and were two of five school boy champions from the same street. They discovered they had a talent for boxing in lessons at the former Connaught Senior School.

Both brothers went on to win the English Championships and boxed for England, retiring when they were 22 and settling down to family life.

Now Brian’s grandson Mickey Parsons (19) who trains at Broad Plain Boxing Club in Easton has just won his fight representing the Community Police Clubs of Great Britain and has the possibility of international colours.

He says: “I asked to do boxing when I was about nine and my grand-dad brought me to Broad Plain and that’s when I found out about all the stories – I thought if they could do it, anyone could do it… It’s hard work, you have to train but it’s worth it…”

Brian says: “You’ve got to prove yourself in life and if you’ve got a talent, use it. It shows you can do it if you want to. Boxing puts you on the right trail for life, I now run my own company and at one time employed 40 people…”

Being sporty is definitely in the family – as Michael’s son George, now 37 used to play rugby for England in the under 17s and 21s. And Mickey’s twin brothers Charlie and Arthur are also keen boxers at 15 and showing talent for it.

Michael says: “Sport has always come easy to us, it’s definitely in the blood…”