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Anger at lack of bins on the Northern Slopes

Volunteer groups which help look after a Knowle West nature reserve have been putting up bags on gates in a bid to tackle the issue of increasing rubbish and dog mess in the area.

The area known as The Bommie is the main concern – and the groups are hoping bins at the spot will help ease the problem.

Chair of the Northern Slopes Initiative (NSI) Bob Franks says: “The NSI and Green Gym spend significant amounts of time helping the council and Bristol Waste to  keep the Slopes clean.

“However our system of putting out bags on the Bommie for people  to deposit rubbish and dog  mess  for Bristol Waste to  collect is not a long term solution.    Many more people are now  using  the Slopes.

What is needed are formal  bins  near the entrances to the Slopes where they are more readily collected from the roads  around  all our areas.”

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: “We will consider what provision is already in place at the Northern Slopes. It’s not possible to have bins at every entrance but we can consider relocating existing ones.”