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All I want for Christmas… is a supermarket


Left to right Knowle West Future members Makala Campbell, Jim Smith, Vicky Beckwith Chief Executive of re:work, Len Wyatt and Bob Franks
Left to right Knowle West Future members Makala Campbell, Jim Smith, Vicky Beckwith Chief Executive of re:work, Len Wyatt and Bob Franks

If people in Knowle West had a Christmas wish – one of their top asks for the area would be the long-awaited supermarket – according to a community group.

Members of Knowle West Future – a group of local residents and organisations working for positive change to the area – posed with a giant letter to Santa in Filwood Broadway.

A potential site has already been identified there for the facility by Bristol City Council – but no supermarket has yet come forward.

The group has been circulating a paper petition which will be delivered to the council and currently has around 200 signatures – but hopes to hit 1,000.

The petition is being taken to different Christmas events around the area and is also available to sign at re:work, a charity based on Filwood Broadway. Residents who may have been wishing for a supermarket for some time are being urged to give their support.

Knowle West Future member Jim Smith said: “As a resident I support the (Dear Santa) campaign.  We haven’t got any reasonably priced stores around that do a range of food items etc all in one place….It would be a Christmas present for the area and we hope to encourage people to come forward…”

Chief Executive of re:work Vicky Beckwith said:The petition has two main aims: one is to highlight to potential supermarkets, ‘look how many people would really like a shop here’ and the other one is to say to Bristol City Council that ‘we can see it isn’t going quite to plan but lets hold this space’.

“When more houses are built, when the economy turns round a bit, then we still have the chance of having that facility in our area rather a another housing development that is needed – but we want people to come to the area because it is a good place to live and they can get their shopping and don’t have to get on a bus…

“I don’t think we particularly mind what it looks like we just want to be able to buy our week’s shopping in one place…”

Bristol City Council has said although work has been carried out with a specialist consultancy firm to target potential operators to build and run the supermarket – they have “not found a supermarket retailer that is interested in the site in the current economic climate.”

A spokesperson has said the council is still interested in working with the community “to help them achieve their aspirations”  agreed in the Filwood Broadway framework.

Details of all of the suggested developments are available on the council’s website:”

A paper copy of the petition can be signed at re:work, 16 Filwood Broadway; and an e-petition can be found on  For more information visit the Facebook page – email or follow on Twitter @kwestfuture