Active in Lockdown

Did the constrictions of the first national lockdown actually allow you to find more time for exercise – and start a new habit of running, cycling or walking? 

Are you making an effort to stay active in the current 2021 lockdown? 

Knowle West Media Centre is working with researchers from University of Bristol on a project from February to April 2021 to document some of the amazing stories of discovering – or rediscovering – some form of physical activity in the first lockdown.

They are also interested in the journey of trying to maintain fitness levels in the current lockdown. 

The aim of this project is to evaluate the benefits of exercise to help create positive policy changes / recommendations that will improve quality of life and the urban environment. 

It will consist of a series of workshops exploring how to creatively document your story through short-films (using your mobile phones and an open-source editing software) and culminate in a celebratory online screening event. 

All workshops will be virtual and run from February – April and spaces are limited. Contributors must be 18+ and local to Bristol or surrounding areas (South West).

You can find out more here: https://kwmc.org.uk/active-in-lockdown/ If you’re interested in getting involved contact: josephine@kwmc.org.uk