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ACE Wellbeing Groups in Knowle West

Two wellbeing groups are running in Knowle West to help local people towards better mental health.

The groups are being run by Assertive Contact and Engagement Service (ACE) based at Filwood Community Centre which works with people with mental health needs who have found it difficult to access mainstream services.

Breathing Space has just started at Inns Court Nursery on Mondays and is run with Knowle West Children’s Centre (KWCC). It is designed to provide a weekly wellbeing space for parents and includes a crèche. The group aims to give parents the space to “have a breather and take care of themselves.”

ACE Engagement Worker for Parents, Jen Gathercole, says: “Most people who have come along have said they are not really into groups, but have found it a safe and warm place to be with other parents and take time out for themselves.

“We usually have some craft activities on the go and run specific activities when people want that – for example, on managing anxiety or a talk from the Community Learning team…”

Weekly Wellbeing Sessions for adults also take place every Wednesday afternoon at Filwood Community Centre. It’s an informal group where people can simply drop in and take part in activities including mindfulness relaxation and stress management.

Engagement Worker Richie Horton who runs the group says: “…The hope is that through participation our clients will develop tools and skills to help them better manage their difficulties, gain some confidence and offer hope that recovery is possible for all.”

Breathing Space takes place Mondays from 1-2.30pm at Inns Court Nursery, Knowle West Children’s Centre, in  Marshall Walk. For more information or to book a crèche call Genny at KWCC on 9030214 or Jen from ACE on 0783 417 7485.

The Wellbeing Session takes place Wednesdays 2-4pm at Filwood Community Centre. For information and support call the ACE enquiry line on 0117 239 8969.