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Children’s Centre investigating after accident stops firework display

Girl suffers bruising but now ‘back to school’

A fireworks display at Inns Court Family and Community Centre was stopped when a young girl was hit by a piece of firework casing.

The popular event took place on 2 November –  attracting up to 300 people, mostly families with young children.

Knowle West Children’s Centre  (KWCC) which ran the event with the community centre reported that the eleven-year-old girl was now fine and they were in talks with the fireworks company.

Head teacher Sarah Salmon said: “The girl is fine, she has returned to school…  A piece of the casing of the firework flew by accident into the crowd and caused a bruise. The ambulance was called but she wasn’t taken to hospital and there was no burn…

“We are having conversations with the fireworks company and carrying out an investigation with the health and safety officer but the most important thing is that the girl is OK.

“We are talking to the family and all proceeds from the evening are going to Bristol Children’s Hospital.”

The incident occurred towards the end of the display. The annual event with a large bonfire, fireworks and food has never suffered any mishaps before and has always been one of the highlights at the centre.