World Cup Fever hits Knowle West


Pictures and story by Sue Mackinnon

World Cup fever has gripped Knowle West again as local people hoist their England flags and festoon their homes to show their support for the national team.

Torrington Avenue is one of the most decorated streets in the area with bunting covered in St George’s flags stretching across the entire road. It has featured in national websites and newspapers to show local people’s extreme dedication to their team.

Resident Mandy Noel (33) said: “Most of the flags are handmade and had to be tied together – this goes up every four years. It’s a good atmosphere down here…”

And Linda Pickford (52) said: “We’ve lived here 29 years and it’s always been like this, this year it’s even better because everyone’s getting involved. You’ve got to support the team and it’s a good community spirit, I haven’t seen anything like this since the Queen’s Jubilee.

“When England plays giant inflatables come out and if they win the whole street comes out – and if they don’t it’s very quiet.”

Husband Bert Pickford added that some streets were unable to have  flags strung across because they were on a bus route.

World cup house thissmall

In Leinster Avenue the highly decorated home of Donna and Paul Griffin has attracted a lot of attention.

It takes the couple two days to complete, with England and Union Jack flags across the windows, bunting and inflatable footballs  – plus the two plaster horse heads at their front door even have England hats.

Donna said: “We’ve been doing this since 2006, we just like supporting England. I’d like to collect a pound for every photograph that’s been taken.

“We also have a thirteen-year-old grandson at Broadwalk Football Club and we’ve followed him to every football match he’s been to.”