Women’s health and NHS reforms centre stage at local event

The reforms to the NHS are never far from the headlines but what often gets missed is the impact that they will have on individuals – people are confused about what the health service in their area will actually end up looking like; many do not understand how their day-to-day lives will be affected and those that do, do not know how to influence the changes.

The voluntary sector in Bristol has an important role to play in ensuring that the reforms are communicated to local people and that they are made in a way that benefits those living locally.

There is a particular need to communicate with women because: women are more likely to use NHS services, more likely to work in the NHS, but also be more likely to face specific health issues that require a gender-specific response.

That is why on Friday 30th March 2012, the Women’s Health and Equality Consortium – strategic partner of the Department of Health – is holding an event to explain what these reforms look like to date, how to engage and influence local structures, including priority setting through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) and health and wellbeing strategies drawing on shared experiences. The event is being held in partnership with the Knowle West Platform 51 centre, Refugee Women of Bristol and Bristol Rape Crisis.

The event is open to anyone working in the women’s voluntary sector as well as women particularly interested in this issue. The main contact to register and for further details is Zoe Palmer: zoe.palmer@platform51.org