Volunteers needed to plant trees across the city

The One Tree Per Child team is looking for volunteers to help plant and maintain thousands of trees across the city.

This winter the community events programme will be planting trees in parks and green space across Bristol – including new woodlands, hedgerows and individual trees. There will also be new trees planted in primary schools creating spaces for outdoor learning.

Volunteer training from the One Tree Per Child (OTPC) Bristol project officers is being run over the next few months for new and existing volunteers.

To date, the project, has planted more than 50,000 trees across the city. The current aim is to plant 6,000 trees per year until 2020, working with reception aged children starting at school.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Asher Craig, said: “We understand how passionate people are about trees, and the benefits they provide to the city.

“The benefits of trees include helping to combat climate change, cleaning the air of pollution, helping to alleviate flooding, providing people with access to nature and helping people to feel good…

“One Tree Per Child continues to teach children about the benefits of trees and includes exciting education opportunities for schools across the city.”

Since launching in Bristol, OTPC has gone on to plant trees in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany as well as further afield in Africa, Australia, America and Japan. Over 200,000 trees have been planted in Australia alone as part of the initiative.

For more information visit www.bristol.gov.uk/onetreeperchild or email onetreeperchild@bristol.gov.uk